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How much does this cost?

We work on short term retainers to make sure that we can consistently revisit the method and your needs. 3, 6, and 12 month contracts are available and can start at $1200 a month.

Can we pay you in chocolate?

Not as full payment, but we kindly accept surprise chocolate.

How often do you shoot for us?

Contracts are split in two ways: number of months and the number of blocks per month we will shoot for you. You have the choice of bringing us in up to 3 blocks per month to make sure that your content is not only funky fresh, but always at the ready.

Can you run our social media or do you just create content?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: There’s a lot to be on the same page when it comes to account management/access so we can absolutely discuss the pricing and options for this if you desire it.

Why can’t we do this ourselves?

It all comes down to attention. We create your content so that when it comes time to utilizing social media, you have the right materials to use that represent you in the truest and most excellent form. We focus on your content so you can focus on your craft, it’s as simple as that.

What is a shoot day like?

Shoot days happen 1-3 blocks per month (pending package chosen) and are a great day. We will work hard to communicate not only what you’re looking for, but how we can best get what you want and need from a creative standpoint. Each one is different because in business no two days are the same. From a more personal standpoint; we love laughter, good music, and we make sure that we work hard and play hard.

What can we use our content for?

Your content is usable for all social channels belonging to your business (instagram, facebook, youtube, etc.) as well as websites and email campaigns. Full copyright and usage will be spelled out in your contract.

What is Creative Manner responsible for?

We are responsible for creating the content. Meaning that it’s our responsibility to bring what you dream of to life. That does mean, however, that sometimes we’ll need certain access, helping hands from your business, and we’ll always rely on clear expectations for both you and us. We believe that good communication is over communication and will make sure that when it comes to shoot days and deliverables, it’s a well-oiled machine.

What fuels Creative Manner?

Short answer: coffee and acai bowls. Long answer: a passion for allowing business owners and companies to focus on what they do best, and trusting us to make sure that they’re represented well in the digital arena.